World of Warcraft Adventure Game: Thundershot Character Pack

RRP: £9.99
Our Price: £8.99

In the world of Warcraft, there are many heroes and many perils. As each foe falls, a new enemy is revealed; as each hero falters, a new champion stands forth. Now, a new hero has risen to take his place in the Hall of Legends! 

Brandon Lightstone, a Human paladin, brings righteous retribution to all foes of the Holy Light. Using his powerful Auras, Seals, and Blessings, he is a holy warrior dealing out punishment to his foes. Woe betide any enemy who dares attack him!  

This expansion pack contains;

  • 28 Challenge Cards
  • 23 Ability Cards
  • 9 Character Tokens
  • 4 Character Cards 
  • 1 Character Miniature
  • 4 Quests
  • 4 Discovery Tokens

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