With Sword And Shield

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Our Price: £17.99

 With Sword And Shield™ is a 110 card game that brings you back in time to a medieval joust.
Here you step into the roll of a knight and by playing different kind of strikes and manoeuvres against your opponent you try to hit him.

To spice things up, different events may occur such as a cheering crowd or that your patron saint reveals himself.
Your personal abilities may evolve and if you are lucky you may receive the sword of  Ascalon, a battle-axe or any other great artefact.
Once you control the basics of a joust you will be able to play a mêlée.

Gather up to six players, split into two teams and start pounding each other.
Or why not start a tournament?

A Joust takes 15-45 minutes to play and a Mêlée 30-60 minutes to play

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read the rules (pdf)