Warlords of Europe

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 Early in the 13th century, Medieval Europe is experiencing a time of widespread conflict between lords, barons, kings, and countries. You have the opportunity to create a dominion without rival. Your warlords must subjugate the peasantry, then bring other kings, warlords, and nobles into submission. Through conquest they will become your vassals and swear allegiance to you. Then by taxation and plunder you will muster grand armies and conquer fiefs from one kingdom to the next, capturing and building castles along the way. The more fiefs and castles you control, the larger your taxable domain grows, and the more formidable your armies will become. You will need solid strategy, cautious planning, excellent timing, and good fortune to defeat your rivals. Control the majority of finished castles and you will be crowned Emperor and winner of Warlords of Europe.


  • 24"x30" map
  • 212 plastic pieces
  • 98 cards
  • 72 punchouts
  • 12 dice
  • 115 poker chips
  • 12 page rulebook
  • 2-4 players
  • 2- 4 hours

read the rules (pdf)

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