Traveller: The Trouble with Drazi

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 Of all the races in the galaxy, the Drazi may be the most underestimated. Though the Drazi are accounted by all the races as relentless, skilled warriors, in the eyes of most other races the accolades stop there. The Drazi are a pugnacious race, aggressive and quick to anger. They have an innate love of fighting and will be happy to resolve any dispute among themselves with either single combats or massed brawls – to a Drazi they are much the same thing and they are not held back by the same concept of honour that restricts many other races.

The Trouble with Drazi drops the Player Characters into the midst of this simmering mess, giving them a front-row seat for a Drazi power play and a chance to observe some of the race’s best and worst qualities and of course, little choice but to involve themselves in the troubles swirling all about them.

Format: Softback (32 pages)