Tomb: Cryptmaster

RRP: £49.99
Our Price: £39.99

 Return to the Tomb! Tomb: Cryptmaster is a new game in the Tomb line, fully playable on its own and completely compatible with the original game! Tomb: Cryptmaster brings a stronger focus on the role of the Cryptmaster, with more characters, monsters, and treasures that give you options while the CM, and an all new deck of cards purely for wreaking havoc on other parties!

Tomb: Cryptmaster also introduces two other new card types: Curses, which give the CM a whole new way to torture a raiding party far beyond the time of the raid, and Overlords, terrifying beings whose very presence can cause parties to flee in terror!

Tomb: Cryptmaster comes with:

  • A new, updated rulebook which works for both Tomb and Tomb: Cryptmaster
  • Rules for Party vs. Party combat, and arena style Party vs. Party games
  • A new Inn board with space included for the Cryptmaster deck
  • Two new boards – the Black Sun Vaults, designed for a faster play time and geared for PVP play, and the Sepulcher of Hate, designed for the hard core Cryptmaster experience
  • 15 Overlord cards
  • 25 Cryptmaster cards
  • Spell, Item, Prayer, and Tactics decks each with 25 new cards
  • 150 new Crypt cards
  • 84 new characters
  • 6 new party markers