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Art, Steel, and Glory! Can You Craft the Greatest Swords Ever Made?

Central Spain, A.D. 1600. You play a member of a family famous for making exquisite swords from renowned Toledo steel. By engaging the services of the skilled sword smiths, you hope to present the finest and most beautiful swords ever crafted to the great emperor of the Spanish Empire. These strong, sharp, and often gem-laden weapons-magnificent works of art and swordcraft- provide your pathway to power and glory!

Travel the hilly streets of Toledo to acquire the fine metals and gems you
need to craft these beautiful swords. Forge your magnificent swords and
carry them to the grand Alcazar palace. You might also visit the storied
artist studio of El Greco to buy some of his works.

But beware! Toledo can be a dangerous place. You may duel, engaging in
swordfights to protect your honor. In the end, whomever presents the best
set of swords to the emperor claims glory and victory!

• Board (medieval Toledo)
• 20 wooden swordsman
• 90 cards
• 32 business tiles
• 16 swordsman skill tiles
• 19 sword tiles
• 23 steel counters
• 20 gems
• 6 art cards, all by El Greco
• 1 rules

Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 90-120 minutes
Designer: Martin Wallace

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