The Pillars of the Earth: Builder's Duel

RRP: £19.99
Our Price: £16.99

Builders Duel is a two player card game based on Ken Follett’s award winning book Pillars of the Earth. 

England in the 12th Century. The players take on the roles of Prior Philip and Bishop Waleran. Philip wants to build the most beautiful cathedral in England. Waleran is planning his own project, a mighty fortress.

Both players try to simultaneously build their buildings. To construct your building, you must obtain raw resources and convert them into building materials. You are supported by your friends and powerful allies, but are constantly opposed by dangerous foes. If you manage to overcome and build your building first, you win! 


  • 6 building cards
  • 54 advantage cards
  • 32 gold coins
  • 6 character markers
  • 10 neutral seals
  • 2 personal seals
  • 6 building cards
  • 22 raw material-/resource-chits
  • 1 start player marker
  • 1 full-color rules

 Players: 2
 Ages: 10+
 Playing Time: 45 min 

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