The Market of Alturien

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 The medieval marketplace of Alturien is awash in intrigue and action. As many as 6 different merchant families compete in a merciless trade battle. All seek wealth, influence, and power.

In "Alturien", your merchants vie for the attention of 7 unique trader customers of varying wealth. They stroll the market, while you entice them to ignore your rivals and buy your wares. Using your income, you build new trading halls and create your own mercantile empire.

But beware! One of the customers is "Gustavo the Weasel"! He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Watch out if your prosperous, for Gustavo is a wily crook! If you're the first merchant to acquire sufficient wealth and 3 prestigious prizes, you rise to a noble rank and win the game!

The Market of Alturien contains:
• 20 Hexagonal Business tiles
• Gameboard
• 7 Figures: 6 Customers & 1 Thief
• 72 Buildings (6 Colors)
• 14 Prestige Cards
• 12 Investment Cards
• 6 Market Leader Cards
• 1 City Guard Card
• 70 Bills Currency
• 6 Game summaries
• 2 Special Dice

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Players: 2-6
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 60+ minutes