Super Dungeon Explore

RRP: £74.99
Our Price: £59.99
Super Dungeon Explore is the world's first chibi anime strategy battle game  from Soda Pop Miniatures! Go head-to-head with your party of brave adventurers, or play as the dungeons evil master summoning hordes of minions to battle over who will rule the underworld of Crystalia.

This game box comes complete with over 50 finely crafted Soda Pop miniatures, full rules, cards, dice, and battle maps to start playing your games of Super Dungeon Explore!

Game Contents

• 50 + highly detailed Soda Pop Miniatures

• Custom Super Dungeon Battle Dice

• Character and Minion Stat Cards

• Loot and Treasure Card Decks

• 5 Large, Double Sided Dungeon Boards

• 32 Page Rule Book 

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