Sunken City

RRP: £29.99
Our Price: £21.99

Hundreds of years ago, a wealthy city was struck by a gigantic tidal wave. While the wave destroyed everything in its path, the city sank beneath the waters nearly intact. It now rests at the bottom of a deep lake; its treasures guarded by Neptune.

Use your magical powers to raise portions of the city from the deep waters. Search for treasure and keep what you can - but beware Neptune's wrath, as he stalks and tries to overtake you. Gather all the treasure you can from the Sunken City!

  •  1 Game Board
  • 10 Numbered Buildings
  • 2 Buildings (no numbers)
  • 30 Streets
  • 44 Treasures (in 4 colors)
  • 4 Adventurer Pawns
  • 4 Adventurer Boards
  • 1 Neptune
  • 24 Movement Cards
  • 8 Neptune Chips
  • 4 Rules Summaries
  • 3 Dice

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