Such a Thing

RRP: £16.99
Our Price: £14.50
Urs Hostettler's party game of creating some "thing" is now being printed in English. Originally released as Ein Solches Ding, this game has been a HUGE success in Germany.

Such A Thing is a game where players have to think of a thing that fits a number of given characteristics. Players in turn add cards from their hand one by one, until one player doubts there is "such a thing" that matches all the cards currently played. If the previous player can name a REASONABLE thing, the doubting player is penalized with 3 extra cards. If there isn't such a thing, the previous player is penalized 3 cards.

Characteristics such as "heavier than a boot", "is useless once used" and "breaks when left in the freezer" are just some examples of what players have to work with to create "such a thing".

First player to empty his hand wins.

This is a 2 - 7 player game with a playing time of approximately 30 minutes.

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