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The Game of Internet Junk Mail Earn A Gazillion Dollars Every Second! Turn Pocket Lint into Bitchin' Hot Rods! Find God in your Bathroom! You've seen messages like these before. In Spammers, you'll jump on the e-mail bandwagon. You'll send mountains of the stuff to unsuspecting mailing lists like Bigots on Parade, the Ivory Tower Academics, and the Last Few Communists. You'll run scams like the Envelope Stuffer's Clearinghouse, E-Mail Order Brides, and Walter's ***kery.

You won't go to hell, though, because Spammers is only a game. Buy Spammers now! Don't wait! Spammers will make you filthy rich beyone your wildest dreams! Spammers will make you invincible! Spammers will keep neighborhood kids from egging your house! Spammers will make women flock to you! Spammers contains a full set of Moxes! Spammers is the best game in the entire world!* * Disclaimer: Spammers will only make you rich beyond your wildest dreams if you have very low expectations, will only make you invincible to the exceptionally weak, will only ward off eggs if used to construct a protective barricade, and will probably not make women flock to you in this life. Certain Spammers sets may not contain Moxes. Spammers is, in fact, the best game in the world.

RRP £16.99

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