Shattered Sword: Undead Army Deck

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Necromancy...the dark magic of foul deeds summoning the once living back from the dead. Skeleton Warriors, relentless in battle, fight to the death. Flesh eating Ghouls spread their disease to all who come in contact. Zombie hordes, fresh from the dead, seek to recruit new hordes of undead for their master. All spread fear and terror upon the living. These are just some of the troop types that make up the foul Undead Army

Shattered Sword Fantasy Battle Card Game is a table top battle game that uses cards to represent the units that fight on the battlefield. Command your forces by maneuvering your combat units and wield magical blows to your opponent with your Wizards. This deck contains 54 cards:

24 Unit Cards, Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Archers, Skeleton Spearmen, Ghouls, Zombies, Skeleton Cavalry, Skeleton Ballista, Minion
12 Spell Cards
16 Command Cards
2 Player Aid/Army Info Cards
4 Wizard/Leader Counter
Kill Marker Chit Sheets
Instruction Booklet

6 Sided dice are also required to play. Dice not included.