Serenity Adventures

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You've got yourself a ship and a you need a job. When your boat's out in the Black there are just as many ways to earn coin as there are to get riddled with holes. Trick is to do more of the former and less of the gettin' shot. Some jobs are about hauling passengers, others are about shippin' cargo—some legitimate, some not so much—and then there's downright thievin'. Dodge Alliance patrols, avoid pirates, and pray that the Reavers never get wind of you.

Serenity Adventures is a collection of tales that come to life using the Serenity Role Playing Game and the Cortex System game rules. You can play the Big Damn Heroes from the film or a crew of you own creation. Use these tales as-is, or customize them to fit the story you want to tell. All you needs the rules, this book, game dice, a group of friends, and your imagination. Get your crew, find a job, keep flyin'.