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Designed by Claudia Hely and Roman Pelek

Some kilometers west of the African mainland lies the Cape Verde Island of Santiago. The climate is hot, and every drop of water is precious. Every player buys at auction certain plantations (potatoes, beans, paprika, bananas, and sugar cane) and tries to connect these to others in order to unite and enlarge their holdings. Plantations must quickly be connected to the canal irrigation system so that they do not dry up completely and fail to produce any yield. Bribes to the Canal Overseer are necessary, in order to insure that the canal system connects to your own plantations. The sooner that a plantation is irrigated and is connected to other plantations of the same type, the more yield – and thus the more money – will be gained at the end of the game. The one who wins will be the one who most skillfully acquires plantations, irrigates them, and connects them to lucrative plantations of the same type.

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Contents: 1 Game board, 110 wooden yield markers, 45 plantation tiles, 20 wooden canals, 150 Bank notes, 1 Canal Overseer, 3 plastic palm trees, 1 wooden well marker.
No. of players: 3-5
Ages: 12+
Playing time: 60 minutes

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