RuneQuest Monsters

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The tale of the adventurer is one of wonder and magic, of treasures won and lost, great deeds and foul plots, terrible foes, stalwart friends and monsters that can chill the blood of the most seasoned veteran. Depending on whether the adventurer is a hero or a villain, a miser or a spendthrift, a steadfast warrior for a noble cause or an opportunist out for nothing but gold, the details of the adventurer’s story will change, but one thing remains a constant for all adventurers: they will all come face to face with monsters of every description.

Within these pages is a host of creatures to populate any RuneQuest setting. They range from the ordinary and familiar, creatures of the natural world such as bears and snakes, to the fantastic and alien, creatures born of chaos, of magic, of the spirit world.

Many of the creatures found in RuneQuest Monsters are beings native to Glorantha, the original gaming world of RuneQuest, such as the grotaron and the timinits, but this certainly does not mean that other worlds are left out in the cold. Not only are most Gloranthan creatures perfectly suitable for use in a plethora of fantasy worlds, RuneQuest Monsters devotes a great deal of space to more generic beasts, at home in any fantasy milieu. Veteran players of RuneQuest will find many of their old favourite creatures within this book, as well as a few newcomers.

RuneQuest Monsters is much more than a simple listing of monsters. It provides information on how to create a full-fledged character using the various sentient races found within the book. While the text does not seek to pigeonhole any particular race to any particular role in the world, RuneQuest Monsters does provide guidance on which backgrounds and professions are most common for the different races most likely to be used as Player Characters.

Hardback 160 pages


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