Runebound Walkers of the Wild

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"What are those wild men doing here, Captain?" The Mayor mops his brow with an expensive silk handkerchief and casts his coldest glare down at the men in the square - hard men, dirty men, men with feathers in their hair and hides on their backs.

"They just ... showed up, sir. Said that we needed them."

"Preposterous," barks the Mayor, sweeping down the stairs.

"That's what I said, sir, but then I saw the monster that the tall one killed..."

The Walkers of the Wild expansion pack introduces a collection of allies that dwell in the secret and quiet places of the world, as well as many tricks of their trade. These cards can be seamlessly added to any Runebound game or adventure, giving the players more options and more adventure!

This expansion includes 30 new market deck cards.

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