Runebound The Scepter of Kyros

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As if the return of the Dragon Lords wasn't bad enough, Terrinoth is under assault by another enemy, if anything more devastating and more implacable. With the return of the Dragon Lords comes the return of one of their most ancient foes: the Giant Lords.

The Scepter of Kyros is an expansion pack for Runebound. It replaces elements of the adventure deck and creates a completely new story with new challenges, new events, new rules, and new victory conditions.

In the Scepter of Kyros, your enemy is not Margath and the Dragon Lords, but rather the terrible and warlike Giant Lords of old. The red and blue adventure cards from Rise of the Dragon Lords, the basic Runebound campaign, are set aside and cards from the Scepter of Kyros are placed on the blue adventure stack - these are the Giant Lords. Additional cards from the Scepter of Kyros augment the green and yellow adventure decks to create a new story for your Runebound heroes to live.

When the heroes anger the Giant Lords, they invade and conquer a number of cities on the Runebound board! Once these cities are Occupied, the Giant Lords can use any of the items and allies that were in that town's Market Stack against the heroes, making them some of the most exciting and challenging Runebound challenges yet!

This expansion includes 30 new adventure cards.

requires Runebound

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