Runebound Runemaster

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"Magic is an extremely potent and dangerous force, one that must be bound and channeled before it is used. One of the earliest and most effective ways to do this is through the use of Runestones, binding magics into specially-prepared talismans. Once so bound, almost anyone can use a Rune, but a true Runemaster can do so much more ..."
  ~ Autorius of Greyhaven

The Runemaster character deck introduces new mechanics and rules for character advancement and interaction. Add the abilities of a Runemaster to any character you may choose for Runebound and expand your powers and abilities, or mix your Runemaster character deck with any of the five others available to produce your own, completely unique hero!

This expansion includes 5 Talent cards, 25 Class cards, and assorted tokens.

requires Runebound

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