Runebound Rituals and Runes

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The circle is the heart of magic. A circle binds and controls magic energies. It creates a loop of power and brings a spell to eternity. It divides the inside and the outside, creates a unity and a barrier. Circles call, circles bind, circles ward, circles face inward and outward and symbolize the fundamental truth of magic: magic goes in cycles. What one sends out loops back and what harm one wreaks is returned threefold.

- Symbols and Heart, Daniella Dun

In the fight for glory and power, only one type of magic is more powerful than the legendary Runestones, and that is ritual magic. This expansion introduces a powerful new type of Item, rituals, which require you to roll and expend certain terrain symbols before they can be used. The trade-off: they are far more powerful and versatile than other Items of the same cost.

This expansion includes 30 new market deck cards.

requires Runebound

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