Runebound Crown of the Elder Kings

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Thousands of years ago, in a time shrouded by the mists of history, the Elder Kings came to the continent of Terrinoth. They conquered the land and established a line of kings that ruled the entire continent. In time, these kings became lazy, decadent ... and cruel. Eventually, the Elder Kings were overthrown, the cities became free, and then came the Dragon War and the Elder Kings were lost to the mists of history. Until now.

Crown of the Elder Kings is an expansion pack for Runebound. It replaces elements of the adventure deck and creates a completely new story with new challenges, new events, new rules, and new victory conditions.

The Crown of the Elder Kings challenge cards completely replace the blue adventure deck from Rise of the Dragon Lords, the adventure included in the Runebound basic game. Additional cards from Crown of the Elder Kings also augment the green and yellow adventure decks. As Vorakesh attempts to bring about the return of the Dragon Lords, the heroes have their own goal: complete the ritual that will allow them to assume the mantle of the Elder Kings and subjugate all of Terrinoth beneath their rule.

Vorakesh and his Dragon Lords don't stand a chance. Once a hero completes the ritual, he becomes the Elder King, assembles his vassals, and sets out to conquer Terrinoth. The other heroes take it in turn to stop him, defeating each of the Elder King's vassals in turn and then challenging the Elder King and his allies directly. If a hero succeeds, Terrinoth is far from safe: that hero becomes the new Elder King, who must be defeated in turn by the others striving for the Crown of the Elder Kings...

This expansion includes 30 new adventure cards

requires Runebound

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