Runebound Champions of Kellos

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In the beginning all was black.

Woe betide those in the darkness.

There was neither heat nor life in the heart of the world.

Woe betide those in the cold.

And lo, did a spark kindle and grow, and did warmth and life come, and may it never die.

Woe betide enemies of the Flame.

   ~ The Dawn Prayer

The Champions of Kellos expansion pack introduces a collection of allies dedicated to the Burning God Kellos, as well as a selection of holy relics and other equipment favored by his priests. These cards can be seamlessly added to any Runebound game or adventure, giving the players more options and more adventure!

This expansion includes 30 new market deck cards.

This expansion includes 5 Talent cards, 25 Class cards, and assorted tokens.

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