Ricochet Robots

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 This game is less of a game and more of a puzzle, which explains why there's such an odd number of players possible. There's a four-piece modular board that forms a large room with walls spread around the board. There are also color-coded targets on boards. Placed on top of the surface are four robots. The idea for each turn/puzzle is to get the like-colored robot to randomly selected target. The trick is that once a robot starts moving, it will continue to move until a wall or another robot stops it. Therefore, players are seeking a sequence of moves for the robots which will enable them to move the required robot to the target in the fewest moves.

- 4 boards printed on both sides
- 1 plexiglas center-piece
- 4 plexiglas, ricochet robots in different colors
- 4 square tokens in the robots' colors
- 17 round target chips
- 1 sand clock (approximately 1 minute)
- 1 rule sheet

Number of players: 1+
Age of players: 10+
Length: 45-60 minutes

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