Race for the Summit

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Race for the Summit is a rock climbing card game where 2-6 players challenge a towering rock spire and attempt to be the first to reach the top. Choose from 8 different climbers, each with their own preferences for the various hold types on the spire, as well as a unique special ability that can only be used once per game. Climb conservatively and hope your opponents take too many chances or be aggressive and risk a fall of your own.

You must compete for position with your opponents while at the same time trying to find the optimal route for your own ascent. Environment cards dictate conditions on the rock, while Action Cards can offer you more options through special climbing moves as well as adverse events that you'll need to overcome in your quest to win the Race for the Summit!

The game includes 130 cards, 16 of which are translucent plastic allowing players to stack cards on top of each other and still see the underlying holds as they climb the spire.

Your belayer is ready...climb on!

  • Players: 2 - 6
  • Time: 20 - 60 minutes
  • Ages: 10 and up

read the rules (pdf)

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