Promethean Strange Alchemies

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"I've watched you ever since the day I was made.
Watched you love, watched you laugh, watched you kill and die.
You're perfect, even though you don't know it. Perfectly wonderful.
Perfectly awful.
Perfectly human.
I've been watching, trying to figure you out.
Trying to figure out how to be you.
I know more about you than you do.
I know more about you than I do about myself."
—The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, Galateid

It’s A Cold World

The Pilgrimage is a long and lonely road, but every Promethean must walk it. The Created do not come into the world knowing what steps to take upon this road. They must learn from others of their kind, from their creators and from painful experience. Over time, they might unlock the secrets of their humours, changing their bodies to better survive a world that shuns them. But every discovery leads only to further uncertainty, and all the Created can do is press on, led by the promise of Mortality.

A chronicle sourcebook for Promethean: The Created™

This book includes:

• Detailed discussion of each of the Lineages and Refinements, including new Transmutations and Bestowments

• Thoughtful essays discussing many issues important to Promethean chronicles

• "Strangers on the Hill," a new story in the “Water of Life” chronicle begun in Promethean: The Created, set in Boston

Strange Alchemies is a 160 page hardcover supplement for Promethean: The Created

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