Paranoia WMD

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PARANOIA Gamemaster, do you want to put your players through entirely new wringers? This June look for the mission collection WMD, written by the band of happy mutants at the Traitor Recycling Studio (designers of Crash Priority). These four missions -- by Dan Curtis Johnson, Jeff Groves, Bill O'Dea, and Beth Fischi and Allen Varney -- use the Straight play style introduced in the rulebook. That means dark satire, paranoid fear and even a halfway decent chance to (gasp!) survive the mission! --Assuming, of course, your players can defeat a Wireless Memory Downgrade, a Wholesome Meal Distributor, a Lobot WMD-1 and a real, actual, no-kidding Weapon of Mass Destruction. For Troubleshooters expecting typical backstabbing frivolity, the tense, suspenseful missions in WMD offer a tumultuous brainscrub.

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