Paranoia STUFF 2: The Gray Subnets

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Bring on more STUFF!

When you're a Troubleshooter on a mission in Alpha Complex, your friend The Computer provides all the equipment it decides you need. Great, yeah, thanks. But to get stuff you actually WANT -- ILLEGAL stuff -- you'd better find the black market. You're already a traitor anyway, so why not live a little? Better yet, order your illegal equipment online, through the exciting and incredibly treasonous private data networks called the GRAY SUBNETS.

STUFF 2: The Gray Subnets is a breathtakingly treasonous PARANOIA equipment book by ERIC MINTON and the TRAITOR RECYCLING STUDIO. This 96-page hardcover equipment book for PARANOIA players, the long-awaited follow-up to the first STUFF, contains over 100 all-new items and services. Many are illegal for Alpha Complex citizens to buy, own or even know about. So STUFF 2: The Gray Subnets gives you a strong edge against your enemies and other players. Wait, that's redundant....

Just look at what you get in STUFF 2:

* Weapons like the Psionic Detonator, Nuclear Slugthrower Rounds, Toilet Firebombs and (brrr!) the Chainsaw Gun.
* Blackmail material you can use on wealthy high-clearance citizens. What could possibly go wrong?
* Illicit services like Mutant Power Training, NuIdentity, the online game AlphaRage, Alibis-R-Us and Treason Scene Cleanup.
* Great new medications like ClotAlot, Meme Paste, Weepy and the first drug for bots, FORTRANce.
* Now you can own a CyberNeck, the Speak-with-Head Perfused Brain Reactivator and 'Squishy' the Faciomimetic Bio-blob.

Hey, Gamemaster! STUFF 2: The Gray Subnets offers lots of information on the illegal INFRARED Market: where to find it, what it carries, whom to bribe and how to school players in the risks of under-the-table shopping.

* Dozens of items and services, all new and never before published.
* Five detailed IR Markets, including Gray Subnet XL, The Yellowbot List and Fat Tony's Free Market.
* Lots of tables to help you create your own black market.
* Passwords, drop points, haggling advice, mission ideas....
* At long last—Borscht-Flavored Hot Fun!

Hardback 96 pages

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