Paranoia Service, Service

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Are you being served? The 128-page PARANOIA supplement 'Service, Service!' enlivens your game with detailed depictions of the eight sprawling service groups in Alpha Complex. Actually, 'enlivens' is the wrong word for these stultifying bureaucracies -- how about 'complicates' or even 'utterly disarranges'?

'Service, Service!' gives you new service firms, interesting personnel to torment players, new 'mandates' duties to make service groups more important and EIGHT Classic-style missions, one for each group. Send your Troubleshooters into a Power Services generator facility that accidentally duplicates them. Have them teach sensitivity therapy to hardened Vulture Warriors. Make them train their own mechanical replacements, R&D's advanced 'Troublebots'.

Along the way they'll try to appease surly vending machines, protect a rock star from his not-so-loving fans and learn, at long last, exactly how many Troubleshooters it takes to change a lightbulb.

For all your service group needs (or at least the ones we feel like providing right now), take a number, fill out all appropriate forms in sextuplicate and, when you're called, buy 'Service, Service!'

Softcover 128 pages

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