Paranoia Extreme Paranoia

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PARANOIA Gamemaster! Your friend The Computer requires you procure the major new rules supplement Extreme PARANOIA, appearing in August 2005. No longer must your players toil as Troubleshooters of lowly RED Security Clearance. Extreme PARANOIA offers new rules for creating player characters of any clearance from ORANGE all the way up to the illustrious VIOLET! Players can now become Alpha Complex TV stars, secret agents, service firm executives and the high-power, heavily armed celebrities of The Computer's Emergency Disaster Response Teams! You can even make your players Internal Security troopers, using newly updated rules from the classic 1987 PARANOIA supplement 'HIL Sector Blues'. With new Mandatory Bonus Duties to round out its 128 pages, Extreme PARANOIA is a mandatory purchase for all right-thinking PARANOIA Gamemasters.

Softcover 128 pages

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