Paranoia Criminal Histories

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Troubleshooter, what dirty secrets lurk in your teammates' backgrounds? Who are their old bunkmates or co-workers, and how much do these past associates currently want revenge? What past felonies and misdemeanors did your fellow Troubleshooters commit to get where they are now/ More to the point, can you dig up these secrets and report them to The Computer?

Criminal Histories is a 64-page PARANOIA supplement for players and Gamemasters alike, specially designed to improve games for smaller groups of players. Using scads of 'Prehistory Pachinko' tables, Criminal Histories lets you create a detailed background for your Troubleshooter. Learn bonus specialties! Earn perks and equipment! Die multiple times! Your character will emerge tricked out with formidable advantages over your teammates. True, you had to commit all kinds of crimes and misdeeds to earn this cool stuff -- but if you play it smart, your fellow players will never find out. You hope.

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