Operation Michael

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Our Price: £28.99

 March 21, 1918: General Ludendorff knows that the German army must achieve a breakthrough against the Allies before the U.S. Army can make its presence felt. Relying on special tactics developed by General Oskar von Hutier, the Germans launched Operation Michael. Referred to by General Ludendorff as the Peace Offensive, its aim was to sever the fragile line between the British and French armies. If the two forces could be separated, France would be forced to pull her forces back to defend Paris. The British would be trapped against the coast and would have no choice but to surrender. Can your small unit tactics carry the field? Can your British tanks stem the tide of the offensive?

Operation Michael is the ninth game in the award wining Standard Combat Series (SCS). Designed to provide players with a low complexity game system that also provides great historical detail and realism, the SCS is an ideal choice for gamers of all ability levels.

  • One map
  • 420 counters
  • 10 Scenarios
  • Series Rules
  • Game Rules
  • Two Dice
Unit Scale: Regiments through Divisions
Hex Scale 1.2 Miles
Players: 2 (also suitable for solitaire play)
Playing Time: 3 + Hours
Complexity: Low
Solitaire Suitability: High

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