Monster Mayhem

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Please Don't Feed the Monsters
In the modern world, the things that go bump in the night are real. As a vampire, werewolf, mummy, poltergeist or zombie, you stalk the city after dark, searching for human victims to sate your inhuman appetites. Be it blood, bones, brains, organs or spirit that you crave, you prowl the shadows in search of prey. But your victims are not helpless! They run for their lives and do whatever it takes to survive. Other monsters may even devour your intended prey, whether for sustenance or to spite you.

Monster Mayhem is a light-hearted game of going bump in the night — and eating people! Consume the most of the living dish you crave and you rule the sleeping city.

This game includes:
• A fold-out board representing the city in which you lurk
• One rulebook
• 5 different Monster Playing Pieces from which to choose, all with their own unique powers and weaknesses, including a Vampire, Werewolf, Mummy, Zombie and Poltergeist
• 5 Monster Cards, one for each type of monster
• 30 Victim Chits representing different victims your monster can hunt
• 30 Victim Cards detailing the potential victims
• 20 hex tiles that let you rearrange the city with each new game
• 50 Events Cards with which to get the jump on victims or to harass other monsters
• 36 Escape Cards
• 5 craving markers to move up and down the craving point trackers
• All the dice you need to play

Monster Mayhem is a boardgame for 2 - 5 players ages 10 and up.

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