Midnight Sorcery and Shadow

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heroic spellcasters or brave warriors with powerful ancestral weapons of power, the heroes of Midnight all rely on magic to survive. Sorcery and Shadow is appropriate for players looking for new spells, magic items, charms, and feats, as well as for DMs who want to incorporate variant magic rules into their campaign or introduce dangerous new foes for players to conquer. Prestige classes for good and evil characters, reinforced with setting material detailing the the organizations that sponsor them, round out this exciting new book. In a world where an evil demigod strives to claim all magic for himself, every spell matters.

  • Dozens of new spells designed for the world of Midnight, but useful in any campaign
  • New covenant items: magical weapons and gear that increase in power along with characters
  • New feats, prestige classes, spell-boosting charms, magic options for channelers, wizards, druids, and even legates, the evil disciples of the shadow

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