Midnight Forge of Shadow

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The dark lord Izrador has conquered the free lands of Eredane with merciless magic and savage steel. At the heart of his army is a dark forge where slaves and sorcerers labor day and night to equip the orcish hordes with weapons, armor and equipment. It is called Steel Hill, and it is the Forge of Shadow.

Despite their overwhelming numbers and their dark spells, Izrador’s forces are not all-powerful. No matter how many orcs the dark lord breeds, he cannot keep his enemies in check if his soldiers bear no weapons and their backs are unarmored. This makes Steel Hill one of Izrador’s most valued strongholds, and one of his few weaknesses. Will the PCs be brave enough to sneak behind enemy lines and sabotage its precious products? Can they free the enslaved blacksmiths and kidnap or kill the dark enchanters who enhance the weapons? If they can take Steel Hill, will they destroy it from within, or will they try to capture it in a desperate attempt to gain an armory for the forces of good? In the battles ahead, many eyes will turn toward the Forge of Shadow.

  • Dozens of location descriptions, maps, and adventure hooks for the city of Steel Hill.
  • Details on the Brotherhood of the Black Sword, Legion of the Splintered Skull, and the Bloodguard of Cruach Emyn, including stat blocks for powerful NPC adversaries.
  • New prestige classes, spells, feats and equipment for the guards of the Forge of Shadow

64 pages

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