Midnight Destiny and Shadow

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In the darkest shadow ... hope.

The Erenlanders.

Their land is conquered, their kingdom shattered. They are the defeated, serving the Shadow with backs bent and weary.

But those backs are not yet broken. They carry more than just tbe burden of servitude: They also carry hope.

The Erenlanders. The true children of the kingdom of Erenland. Their northern lands are haunted by the specter of shattered pride, while the south is tangled in webs of intrigue. But in the heart of Eredane, a storm gathers. The legacy of a noble past is not forgotten, and secret forces now move to cast off the black shackles of the Shadow.

If freed of their fears and doubts, will the people of Erenland rise united once more? Will someone rise to lead them? Uncertain times lie ahead in this land of destiny and shadow.

Destiny and Shadow includes:

  • A gazeteer for the heart of Erenland.
  • A history describing how the enigmatic Erenlanders came to be.
  • New backgrounds and traits to make each Erenlander character distinct.
  • Background information for the town of Blackweir, featured in the new independent fantasy film Midnight Chronicles!

64 pages

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