Midnight City of Shadow

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Fantasy Flight Games continues to support its award-winning campaign, Midnight, with this sourcebook on the heart of shadow and the men of evil who dwell there. City of Shadow takes the reader into the high temple of Izrador, investigating everything from the black-walled tower’s highest tiers, where well-educated and thoroughly evil priests debate over the best way to enact their Dark Lord’s will, to the sprawling remains of the once-majestic human city beneath it, where slaves and rebels cower in the shadow of the dark keep. Specific NPCs and locales within the city and the temple are detailed, offering everything from statted opponents to adventure seeds. Finally, the book includes a section giving advice on how to incorporate Theros Obsidia into campaigns, on how to run an evil Midnight campaign, and providing new prestige classes and spells specifically for legates.

  • In-depth background and description of the most dangerous location in the world of Midnight
  • Overview of the hierarchy and intrigue of the legates of Izrador
  • New feats, spells, and prestige classes usable by the priests of the Shadow

64 Pages

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