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 The village of Tabula, once famous for its case of lycanthropy, has become a rich town. But the people haven’t changed their nasty habits! At night, someone goes around howling, turned into a Werewolf, while someone else has dedicated himself to stealing from houses, searching for precious treasures. During the day, the Burgomaster tries to bring order back to the town’s inhabitants: but what if he is really the Werewolf in disguise?


  • 16 characters
  • 15 secret goals
  • 16 house cards
  • 2 werewolf evidence tokens
  • 16 voting tokens
  • 8 betting seals
  • 8 coins
  • 1 Burgomaster
  • the werewolf claw
  • 1 chimney broom
  • 1 trap
  • 1 summary card

read the rules (pdf 2.3 mb)