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In Pisa during the fourteenth century gold rules over all. The great families of the city are the route to success, wealth, and power. Merchant houses compete to make deals with the great families and earn the greatest profits. Meanwhile, master builders erect splendid palaces, marvelous tower houses, beautiful plazas, and fabulous shops, hoping to impress the great families and earn prestige. The center of this quest for wealth and prestige is the Lungarno district, along the banks of the River Arno. Can you overcome your rivals to dominate the Lungarno and become the richest merchant in Pisa?


  • 13 Special board pieces
  • 65 Building tiles
  • 55 Florin coins (20 yellow - worth 5 and 35 Grey)
  • 25 Merchants (5 of each color)
  • 12 Privilege tokens
  • Rulebook

2-5 players 45 minutes Age 8+

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