Long Live the King

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The King is dead…Finally!

Long Live the King is a dynamic game that marries the diabolical treachery and scheming of the best strategic board and card games with the pomp and circumstance of the most elaborate live-action games. In the role of an ailing king, the gamemaster participates in the roleplaying while moderating the rules.

Up to seven other major players, including a young queen, a haughty archbishop and a wily ambassador, vie to place themselves in positions to rule the kingdom when the king finally keels over. Dozens of minor roles allow the game to be as large and elaborate as you desire. Or just keep it small… and cut-throat.

General Info:

• Think How to Host a Murder™ meets Diplomacy™.

• Limitless replay value as there’s no one “murder” that’s solved. Players will want to apply their fuller knowledge of the game to besting their rivals next time!

This box includes:

32-page rulebook, portfolios for the seven major characters, coins of the realm, and 200 cards divided into six different types to cover many aspects of strategic play. 

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