Legie (Legion)

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Our Price: £13.99

Legion – What do you imagine when you hear that word?
Never ending drill, steel, blood, sweat... Glorious victories and cruel loses? The armors glittering in the morning sun? Marching night and day without any rest? Dusty roads of exotic countries? Dry deserts and sky high mountain trails? Death waiting on the battlefields and on the roads? And all of this is a part of life of the simple soldiers as well as the generals? All of this is Legion.

Despite of its small size this game offers a wide range of tactics. Each player tries to place all of his tokens onto the game board and remove his opponent's tokens from the board. Tokens have various special abilities. The game board consists of four separate double-sided tiles, which allows to create many different landscapes. Additional rules include terrain effects and bring some scenarios, in which the player must fulfil some additional conditions.

  • 2 players
  • 10-30 minutes
  • age 10 and up

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