Legend of the Five Rings, Third Edition Revised

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Return to the Emerald Empire, where honor is a force more powerful than steel.

In its triumphant third printing, the Legend of the Five Rings RPG Third Edition receives a major update! Now including material such as the Spider Clan, more intuitive combat rules, and more, the Third Edition Revised is everything players both new and old need to jump into the world of the Emerald Empire.

  • New and updated character creation and development mechanics including the devious Spider Clan and its new schools.
  • Updates to some existing schools such as the Daidoji Bodyguard and the Tonbo Shugenja.
  • Updated rules for combat, dueling, and spells.
  • Updated Timeline brings the story forward to the Race for the Throne.
  • Horses! And much more.

Legend of the Five Rings Third Edition Revised is an excellent time for you to begin your journey in the Emerald Empire. Whether samurai or shugenja, courtier or artisan, your adventures begin here.