Legend of the Five Rings: Masters of War

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“Let the Kakita fret over their flower arrangements and leave the Isawa to their scrolls; we know that only steel and courage can preserve the Empire.” - Crab proverb

Of the Great Clans of Rokugan, three have always embraced the art of war with a dedication that their peers cannot match: the Crab, who keep the Shadowlands at bay by sheer force of arms; the Lion, whose founder wrote the definitive Rokugani treatise on military strategy; and the Unicorn, whose tradition of exceptional horsemanship and unconventional ways have made them a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Masters of War views each of them through their contributions to Rokugani military practice and history.
Here you will find:

  • Detailed description of each of the three Clans’ standing armed forces and military organization, including elite units and new Paths and Advanced Schools that allow you to incorporate them into your PC or campaign.
  • Detailed descriptions of each of the three Clans’ battlefield tactics and corresponding optional mass battle rules.
  • Discussions of how the art of war has influenced the outlook and histories of the Families of these Clans.
  • A timeline of major conflicts that have shaped the Empire’s history, plus commentary on selected individual battles.

Masters of War reveals the soul of three of Rokugan’s Great Clans and describes them in unprecedented detail. It is a crucial resource for anyone interested in the Crab, the Lion or the Unicorn - or indeed, anyone interested in the Rokugani art of war.