Legend of the Five Rings: Masters of Court

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Silken Words Carry Death as Surely as a Katana.

Far from the fields of war, the Great Clans of Rokugan struggle against each other behind the walls of elegant palaces and amidst the theater of great public events. They understand that politics and diplomacy — the arts of the court — are no less important to their ongoing fight for power and influence than the sword and the bow.

But as with war, the subtleties of court play a more prominent strategic role for some Clans than for others. Masters of Court views three such Clans — the elegant Crane, the cunning Scorpion and the relatively new and enigmatic Spider — through the lens of their practice of diplomacy. One chapter is also devoted to the Otomo Family and their relationship to the Great Clans. Masters of Court features:

  • New and updated character creation and development mechanics focusing on Social Skills and courtiers in general and the Crane, Scorpion and Spider Clans in particular.
  • Descriptions of palaces that serve as a particularly important focal points of political and diplomatic activity.
  • New Exclusive Spells for the Soshi Deceiver Advanced School.
  • New mechanics for the Otomo, the manipulative arm of the Imperial families.
  • Profiles and NPC stats for prominent and otherwise interesting political figures in the Crane, Scorpion and Spider Clans.