Kutuzov: The War in Russia 1812

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 Kutuzov 1812: Defending Russia From Napoleon is an interactive, play it complete in one-sitting card-driven game of sweeping manoeuvres, epic battles, storied sieges, lethal attrition and crucial-to-victory troop morale for one to four players from the designer of The Napoleonic Wars and Wellington.

A rather unique method of play allows for two players to each take ONE of the powers from EACH side, in a highly competitive and unusual game of labyrinthine think and double-think.     Another version of play allows for two players to play the game using a SINGLE hand of cards each, with “chips” to buy additional cards for their side as the play progresses.  Even the Play Book’s Tutorial can be converted into an exciting scenario by allowing the game situation to be carried on past its end point as depicted.

The Campaign and the Scenarios: 

“Invasion”: A Turn One game start should see the French and their Allies’ military juggernaut smash across the border and attempt to catch and annihilate the Russians before they can mass to defend their Motherland   Can the players surpass their historical counterparts?

  •  “On to Smolensk !”: This permits players to avoid the border battles and initial French advances to begin play at a watershed of the Campaign:  The Grand Army confronting concentrated Russian forces defending Smolensk immediately before Kutuzov arrives to take command.  Will the French advance on Moscow as they did historically or seek victory through an alternative offensive direction…north to St. Petersberg or south to seize the Ukraine and other southern victory points?
  •  “Napoleon in Moscow”: In this version of Kutuzov the bloody Battle of Borodino has been fought.  The Grand Army reposes in Moscow awaiting Russian surrender or at least agreement to terms.  The first chill snow of Winter has fallen, harbinger what’s to come: should the French remain deep in Russia hoping to conquer the country or is it time to withdraw to better defences for the 1813 Campaign?
  • “Defend the Empire!”: The is a “what if” single turn scenario using the hypotheses that Napoleon wasn’t defeated during Kutuzov’s Turn Three situation depicted in the “Napoleon in Moscow” scenario, but that the French are still in Russia facing the wrath of the Tsarist might for a Winter Game Turn of early 1813

2-4 Players

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