Heart of Africa

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At the start of the 19th century Africa passed for being mysterious. Moreover, large parts of the so-called “dark continent” were still unexplored. At this point Heart of Africa starts. The two to five players each lead a trading company and try to make profits in Africa. Their limited resources are used to gain as many victory points as possible. In contrast to other games Heart of Africa does not have a fixed game turn structure. At the start of each turn the players bid who may conduct it. Resources, conflict, different actions, traders, wholesale traders, and the reputation and influence of the players all are important in the game. Everything is integrated into a smooth and fast playing system. At the end of a turn a player counts his victory points. The game immediately ends if a player has scored a certain number of points. From the makers of Maharaja:Palace Building in India.

1 large gameboard, 24 resource playing pieces, 1 Africa playing piece, 16 conflict markers, 83 action playing pieces, 9 special victory points markers, 5 retreat markers, 6 trading houses, 105 traders, 5 wholesale traders, 60 influence markers, 2 player aid cards, 1 rules booklet .