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Take command of your units, terran or alien, and get ready for war!  
Frontiers is a strategy game in which you lead your units on a futuristic battlefield. The game mechanics are geared for simple fun: orbital bombardment, short-ranged missile fire, hosing down your opponents with uranium-enriched ammunition, head-on and manly assaults in the name of humanity's religious purity…
In short, Frontiers is a simple and spontaneous mix of fury, blood and strategy!
Frontiers the miniatures game without miniatures
1 rule booklet
3 range and movement rulers
2 small blast templates
1 large blast template
10 equipment crates
9 impact markers
17 miscellaneous markers
17 circular Legion units
3 small Legion vehicles
2 large Legion vehicles
30 Legion action cards
12 Legion Order markers
2 Legion smoke clouds
20 circular Zirl units
3 small Zirl vehicles
2 large Zirl vehicles
30 Zirl action cards
12 Zirl Order markers
2 Zirl smoke clouds
25 corridors/buildings
4 bunkers / terrain elements
1 paper game board
1 die
read the rules (pdf 3.38 MB)