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Designed by Mario Papini

"In the year 1265 A.D., England's most powerful Barons clashed over the precious lands of the manor of Evesham. The outcome of this battle depends on your strategy. Will you make use of the charm of your Milady, attack with the First Knight, pay for Mercnaries? No one knows what moves you will make. But, be careful of the fog and keep away from the plague. Play your shillings and strike the enemy where he least expects it. But if you become the strongest Baron, King Henry III will also join the struggle, and winning will be even harder."

Players play cards to move their units around the board, attempting to fight each other and capture key cities, while avoiding the plague.

 Contents: 4 map boards, 80 cards, 62 thick tokens, VP chart.
No. of players: 2-4
Ages: 12+
Playing time: 90 minutes

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