Fagin's Gang

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You are a member of Fagin's infamous gang of pilfering street urchins from Oliver Twist. Fagin is ill and needs a fence - someone to turn stolen goods into shillings. He trusts you and so has given you charge of a small band of 5 urchins to scour London for easy pickings. Each of your urchins takes one of 6 locations from Charles Dickens' London (Bow Street, River Thames, St Paul's Cathedral, The Strand, Chertsey and Holborn Hill). Your urchins try to avoid the police constables and steal goods (fruit, books, jewellery, silverware, pocket watches and silk handkerchiefs) to help the other members of the gang. Everyone meets at Smithfield Market to trade, to swap booty and experiences - and to make more shillings. Stealing goods is essential, but ultimately these have to be converted into shillings to win the game.

FAGIN'S GANG is a 'euro-style' strategic trading and commodity-collecting game for 2-6 players, aged 10+. Play takes 20-30 minutes per player, so a 3 player game will last from 60-90 minutes - depending on how much chatting goes on in your group! There is very little down-time and much to consider, so all players are engaged for most of the time.

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