Duel of the Giants

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The sun rises above the Russian steppe and he war on the Eastern Front pauses for a moment. Everything has been quiet since the latest offensive and your tank crew has had a chance to recover.

However, the hopes for another day without a mission vanish as reports from your reconnaissance planes filter in, bringing with them the first photos of the enemy's armor build up. Fortunately, during your refit, you trained your crew well and can fully rely on them. Nevertheless, there is still a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. The driver starts the engine tank, producing an eerie droning noise...

As the German player, are you prepared to defend your section of the front against the endless Red hordes? Or, as the Soviet player, are you going to be able to break through the Fascist lines and continue the advance torwards Berlin?

"Duel of the Giants" allows you to recreate the great tank battles on the Eastern Front in 1943. As the German player, you must plan your moves carefully to anticipate the Soviet advance. The Soviet player can take chances with his many tanks to overwhelm the limited German defenses.

Good planning, preparation, and skill will be required to carry the day. Onward to victory - you now must begin the fight of your life...

Contents: 11 plastic figures (2 Tiger tanks, 8 T-34 tanks, 1 Ju 87 Stuka airplane), 1 game board (double-sided), 40 Landscape tiles, 12 PAK-markers, 8 anti tank mines, 2 tire markers, 5 weapon reference
cards, 38 move cards, 16 tank markers, 11 medals,14 frontline elements, 1x victory point bar, 3 markers (wood), rules plus example of play.

  • No. of players: 2-4
  • Ages: 10+

read the rules (pdf 4.16 MB)

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