Dice Town

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Welcome to Dice Town, the city of luck and prosperity! Picture a gold mine and beautiful fields…A place that attracts pioneers like bears to honey. Here, we admire the Brave and Love Winners; especially those willing to bet their future on a dice roll! But you'll find that being clever also pays well, if you know how to adapt and bring your own luck to the table.
The question is: Who's going to own the Dice Town when all is said and done. Opportunities are everywhere in our proud town: you find gold nuggets knee deep in the mine, the bank has too many dollars and the mayor is a quick dealer when it comes to handing out Property Claims. Well Partner, if you haven't got weights on your feet and aren't afraid of taking a little lead in your body, this is your chance to stake your claim or leave the table!!!

  • -8 and up
  • -2-5 players
  • -30-45 minutes

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